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The number one college major for both men and women is Business. As a result, the Boulder Valley School District offers a number of comprehensive college-oriented business classes which allow students the opportunity to begin evaluating a potential career in business and the selection of business as a major or minor in college. For those students who complete a specified three course sequence of business classes, during their high school career, the Boulder Valley School District also offers a Business Pathway Completion Certificate. The Business Management course provides students with an understanding of the business management functions, various management theories and the basic organization of a business. Students learn that Business Management is the process of using the resources of a business to efficiently and effectively achieve its goals through planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. The study of business management is an essential component in the design and delivery of a comprehensive business education curriculum. Students build a strong knowledge base and develop effective management skills and learn that successful managers are individuals who understand the benefits of teamwork and consensus building and are able to maximize the utilization of human resources. As leaders, they recognize the importance of technology and information management in the decision-making process and the value of ethics and social responsibility in building and maintaining business relationships. In addition, managers realize that the ability to recognize and respond to new business opportunities and changing economic conditions is critical to the overall success of a business both locally as well as in the global marketplace. The material covered in the Business Management course is reinforced and enhanced through the use of technology, guest speakers, videos and hands-on, project-based activities whenever possible. In addition, because experiential learning is an important aspect of this course, a business-related field trip may also be offered. (continued)


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Posted on January 04, 2017

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