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  • 01Geometry
  • 02Algebra 2
  • 03planning/office hours
  • 04Geometry
  • 05Algebra 2
  • 06lunch/planning/office hours
  • 07planning/office hours
  • 08Geometry


Short Bio: I grew up in Golden, have an undergraduate degree in Physics from CU Boulder, & have an M.E. in structural engineering. My husband and I have 2 kids –one at CU and the other at FHS. We have 2 dogs, Hugo and Lucy, who you will undoubtedly meet if you hike on the local trails.

I am new to being a full-on classroom teacher this year and am so very happy to be here at Fairview! Last year, I ran the Student Achievement Center (SAC) at Fairview. I loved tutoring Knights in a wide variety of math courses as well as working with students enrolled in study hall. Getting to witness and work with all of the math course materials in one year was another spectacular part of that experience. The year prior to last, I student taught at Fairview for the entire school year in the math department.

Please go to either Algebra 2 or Geometry (on the right) to learn more. I am looking forward to sharing the year with you!