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Room 401

  • 01IB Biology - Rm 411
  • 02Pre-IB Biology - Rm 411
  • 03IB Biology - Rm 411
  • 04Planning - Office 401
  • 05Planning - Office 401
  • 06Pre-IB Biology - Rm 411
  • 07Planning - Office 401
  • 08Sci Res Sem - Rm 424

I grew up in Indiana, the son of a college Theatre Professor (Dad) and a Library Director (Mom). My brother, Kyle, is a Chemistry Professor at Carroll College (MT). My brother and I enjoy running and birding together when we can. My sister, Susanna, is a Clinical School Social Worker in Iowa City (IA). I have a Biochemistry degree ('91) from Manchester College (IN; now University), and Masters in Science Education ('96) from the University of Washington (Seattle), and a Ph.D. in Ecology and Environmental Science ('04) from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

My undergraduate education in Biology and Chemistry was phenomenal and Manchester University is still one of the most affordable liberal arts routes to success. For example, over the past five years, 89 percent of Manchester graduates who applied to med school were accepted.

My wife is Dr. Sarah Zerwin, an LA teacher at Fairview, and our daughter, Jane, is a sophomore here at Fairview.

I have taught biology and teacher education courses for the University of Colorado. I swim, cycle, write (here is a link to my book) and run. I also do a lot of free lance curriculum writing and review work for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Biointeractive Site, a site with free science resources for teachers and students, the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study. I have also done some curriculum writing for Princeton University Press and W.W. Norton.

I have a blog called Mr. Dr. Science Teacher where I reflect on teaching, science, and teaching science in the public schools. Check it out!