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Biology II is a college-level course that is taught in two sections over three semesters during a student’s senior year. Two of the semesters are called AP/IB Biology and cover the organismal biology components of the course. These two semesters are taught by Dr. Paul Strode. The third semester is called Biochemistry and is taught by Mr. Brian Cox. This part of the course is taken concurrently with AP/IB Biology during a student’s first or second semester and covers the molecular biology content of the course. The lab work in Biochemistry consists of lab bench style investigations which take place on almost a weekly basis, while the lab work in AP/IB Biology involves extended investigations where data collection and observations can span several days or even weeks. All students are expected to sign up for and take either the IB Biology Exam or the AP Biology Exam (May). Any student who does not take one of the May exams will take a comprehensive course final exam during the Senior Finals week as the culminating experience. The reading for Biology II students that was assigned over the summer is The Serengeti Rules by Sean B. Carroll. (continued)


AP/IB Biology Course Syllabus

Posted on August 13, 2019

HERE is the syllabus for AP/IB Biology. The main course is housed on Google Classroom for students.

Google Classroom

Posted on June 08, 2019

This course is now housed almost exclusively in Google Classroom. Some general resources for interested parties are located in Files.

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