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SRS is a course where students (i) learn about the human endeavor of scientific research, (ii) learn how statistics fit into scientific research, and (iii) experience the planning, performing, and communicating of original science and engineering research. The general class structure is more free form than a traditional class, therefore, students must be self-disciplined and self-motivated. We will meet daily as a group during the scheduled period. More structured activities will take place almost daily during Semester I, including learning about how science works, analyzing scientific data, and practice with interpreting and communicating science for Semester 1. As we approach the end of Semester I, student independent research should be taking off and more independent work time will be available. However, we will always meet formally as a group unless a student’s research needs require the student to miss class. (continued)


Fairview High School Science Research Seminar Syllabus and Schedule

Posted on August 13, 2019

HERE is the syllabus for SRS this year. The syllabus has also been posted on the course Google Classroom for students enrolled in the course. Note that this year's schedule (in black) is being built in front of last year's schedule (in red).

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