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Peter Szameitat

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Room 401

  • 01Off (Check 401, 402, 411 or 414)
  • 02PIB Chem/Phys (Rm. 402)
  • 03PIB Chem/Phys (Rm. 402)
  • 04Off (Check 401, 402, 411 or 414)
  • 05PIB Biology (Rm. 411)
  • 06Off (Check 401)
  • 07PIB Biology (Rm. 411)
  • 08PIB Biology (Rm. 411)

We'll be using Schoology this year. You'll find the course material there.

This is my eighth year in Boulder Valley School District and my fifth year at Fairview High School. I've taught all different levels of physical science, biology, mathematics, outdoor education, earth science, and chemistry.

I grew up in Las Vegas where I graduated valedictorian of my high school class and went on to the University of Nevada, Reno where I earned a degree in Hydrology. After working for several years at the University of Nevada doing stable isotope analysis of aquatic ecosystems and the Desert Research Institute cataloging and managing spring resources in Death Valley National Park, I got married to my wonderful wife and we moved to Boulder for her to pursue advanced degrees at CU. I received a Master's in Science Education from CU and subsequently began teaching in BVSD.

In my free time I enjoy woodworking, gardening, and spending time with my friends and family(my wife, Shannon, and four year-old daughter, Emmie).

A continuing challenge this year that will likely impact what goes on in the classroom and my ability to be as responsive as possible is that my wife has very advanced stage Melanoma (Cancer). Although she is doing well and maintaining a relatively high quality of life at the time of this writing, experience has told us that that may change suddenly. I just ask for a bit of leniency if I end up needing to be absent more than usual or rescheduling on short notice.