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Rebecca Trainor

Visual Arts Department

Rebecca Trainor

[email protected]

(720) 561-3376

Room 521

Digital Art & Design 1
Digital Art & Design 1
Freshman Seminar
Photography 1
Digital Art & Design 1
Photography 1
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Welcome to Ms. Trainor's Website Here you will find course descriptions, my schedule and contact information. I use Schoology for everything else. Keep up to date with art news by following me on: INSTAGRAM

If you are interested in taking Digital Art & Design or Photography courses this year, you may Register at BVSD Online and I will be your teacher!

OA110S - Digital Art and Design 1

OA71S - Photo 1/Digital Photography

About Me: I am originally from New Jersey. I studied Graphic Design, Photography and Marketing at Hofstra University in New York for my undergraduate degree. At Hofstra, I competed on the varsity rowing team and for the school advertising association. I have worked professionally as a Graphic Designer and Photographer since 2002 for various clients. I completed my Master's Degree in Education at Regis University in Denver in 2006 and have been teaching at Fairview High School since 2006. I have been teaching part-time for BVSD Online since 2013. Outside of teaching I enjoy making my own art, playing with my daughters, running, biking, and skiing.

I believe that being a mama is the most important job in the world. I love how being a parent has prepared me to be a compassionate, caring mentor for supporting you in the classroom. I am so excited to get to know you this year!


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