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Room 656

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¡Hola! This is my first year teaching at Fairview High School and my 3rd year teaching overall. I'm a Colorado native and love all things this awesome state has to offer, especially all of the food! I played soccer for 14 years and still love going to and watching games. I love traveling (I've been to 24 countries) and am eager to continue exploring the world.

I will be leading two separate student trips to Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua in June of 2019 and to China in July of 2019. If you're interested in either of both of these trips come find me and I'll give you the info!

I'm excited to meet all of you and to have a great year getting to know you and teaching you some more Spanish. Come stop by and say hola, y los veo pronto. :)

Go Knights!!

Please visit fhskeiser.weebly.com for information on classes, homework, notes, etc