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I can't express how grateful I am to be starting my fifth year in the math department at Fairview. I love this school, these kids, and this community, and I feel well-supported by all of them in my role as a learning guide.

My background is in physics (B.S., Youngstown State University, 2005; graduate physics courses at CU, 2006-2008). After leaving academia and spending a few years as a professional photographer, I decided to become a teacher, and earned a masters degree in education (M. Ed., Regis University, 2014).

When I'm not teaching, planning, grading, reflecting, or corresponding, I can be found on the Ultimate Frisbee fields around town, on the mountain bike trails, or at the Southern Sun with a few friends. I still take photos for my own pleasure and love to go on hikes, camping trips, etc. I also play music (bass, and a bit of piano, guitar, drums) and love to draw, though I rarely find the time.

I welcome communication about any questions, concerns, or ideas you might have. Please contact me, I'm happy to talk with you!