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Sarah Halstead

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Room 514

  • 01Pottery/Sculpture 1
  • 02Pottery/Sculpture 2
  • 03Pottery/Sculpture 2
  • 04Plan
  • 05Lunch
  • 06Sophomore Connect (Block Day)
  • 07Pottery/Sculpture 1
  • 08Pottery/Sculpture 1

Hello! My name is Sarah Halstead and I am a sixth year Visual Arts teacher here at Fairview High School. I moved to Boulder from Chicago, IL. and have fallen in love with Colorado and everything it has to offer. I received my BFA in Art Education from Michigan State University in 2009 and completed my student teaching through Michigan State University in 2010. I am thrilled to be back and cannot wait for another great year!

After school I work with the technical theatre stage crew students for the four theatrical productions of the year. Working with this group allows me to factor in my passion for the musical/theatrical arts as well. Fine Arts are the best!