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Students who enroll in this class must be independent learners capable of using an advanced text, and their academic skills should be above grade level. This is a fast-paced course focusing on political, social, economic, military, ideological, and cultural concepts in world history during the 20th century. The intent of this course is to prepare juniors for the academic and intellectual rigors of senior level IB History of the Americas, as well as for the IB SL World History exam, which will serve as the capstone assessment. In class, the focus will be on writing and historical analysis, utilizing a variety of measures including an IB Internal Assessment research paper. (continued)


EC Opp - Peoples' Knightly News

April 08, 2019

If you are planning on attending any session (45 minutes or longer) at the Conference for World Affairs, consider filing a report with Peoples’ Knightly News. It’s easy, and could result in upwards of 20 Extra Credit points. Here’s the rules:

First, find a CWA session that you're interested in seeing - check CU's site for the schedule: 2019 CWA schedule pdf

  1. You must attend a session of the CWA, and... (continued)

IA Due Date

March 14, 2019

The Final Draft of your IA is to be submitted on or prior to Friday, March 22.

"Submitted" means hard copies of both your marked-up Rough Draft and one copy of your Final Draft. E-mail submissions are not satisfactory - I must have hard copies!

"Friday, March 22" means before 1520 hrs (3:20 PM) on the 81st day of the calendar year. Note that "I'll shoot you an e-mail after school" does not meet that requirement.

To entice you to turn things in a little earlier, I'll award a small amount... (continued)

Battle of the Atlantic websites

January 15, 2019

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