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United States History focuses on American History from Industrialization into the 21st century, following a quick review of Colonial and US history up to the late 19th century. Students will deepen their understanding of current events and participate in an enriched study of the 20th century, tracing the development of social, political, and international relations of the United States. Students will be required to critically examine how our recent history impacts the present day. (continued)


EC Opp - Peoples' Knightly News

April 08, 2019

If you are planning on attending any session (45 minutes or longer) at the Conference for World Affairs, consider filing a report with Peoples’ Knightly News. It’s easy, and could result in upwards of 20 Extra Credit points. Here’s the rules:

A copy of the schedule may be found here: 2019 CWA Schedule

  1. You must attend a session of the CWA, and must include in your footage video evidence that you were... (continued)

World War One in Colour

October 05, 2018

This is a really interesting series, but we're not going to be able to watch much more than the part of the first episode we saw in class. If you're interested in more WWI stuff in color...

1. Catastrophe 2.Slaughter in the Trenches 3. Blood in the Air 4. Killers of the Sea [5. Mayhem on the Eastern Front... (continued)

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Read The Americans, c34s2, pgs 1075-1081 ‐ Due Block Day
Read The Americans, c34s3, pgs 1082-1087 ‐ Due Monday
Read The Americans, c34s4, pgs 1088-1095 ‐ Due Tuesday
Prepare for 1970s-2000s Test ‐ Due May 02
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  • Assignment - Read The Americans, c33s4, pgs 1054-1061
  • Assignment - Read The Americans, c34s1, pgs 1066-1074
  • Assignment - Read The Americans, c34s2, pgs 1075-1081
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