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This 11th/12th grade elective World History course takes a regional approach to the study of ancient, classical, and medieval civilizations, delving into the foundational aspects of human history – religion and philosophy, social and political organization, diplomacy and war, culture and economics. Students will deepen their understanding of the peoples, ideas, and events that shaped our world, and will sharpen their historical thinking skills by performing comparative analyses and engaging in active, sophisticated inquiry. (continued)


Kings & Generals: Islamic Golden Age

Posted on November 29, 2021

Kings & Generals: Islamic Golden Age - Philosophy

We got to about 9:30 in class; I think you'll find the remainder pretty interesting, if you have the time to check it out.

Victor Davis Hanson on the Fall of Rome

Posted on November 08, 2021

Revised reading schedule

Posted on November 04, 2021

Events of the past week (the Servile Uprising on Monday, my absence on Tuesday, not getting through the video on Thursday) have thrown my schedule off a bit. Here's some clarification of what you should have read, and when:

First, leave that longer packet (the one by Ermatinger, on the Fall of Rome) for over the weekend - we'll do the Fall on Monday, and start on Christianity on Tuesday. Same thing with that shorter reading from the text: Chambers, c5, pgs 131-136 (to end of page)

Ensure that... (continued)

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Read Chambers, c11, pgs 298-311 (to “Challenges”) Icon description ‐ Due Today
Read Edgar, CPP c14, pgs 415-434 Icon description ‐ Due Block Day
Read Edgar, CPP, c14, pgs 434-451 (to end of chapter) Icon description ‐ Due Friday
More Assignments

Events of the Week

  • Assignment - Read Edgar, CPP, c10, pgs 325-339 (to end of chapter)
  • Assignment - Read Chambers, c11, pgs 298-311 (to “Challenges”)
  • Assignment - Read Edgar, CPP c14, pgs 415-434
  • Assignment - Read Edgar, CPP, c14, pgs 434-451 (to end of chapter)
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