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Staci Sena

Counseling Staff - Registrar

Staci Sena

[email protected]

720-561-5335 FAX: 720-561-3110

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If you have questions about Open Enrollment or how to enroll, your first stop should be our District's main website. www.bvsd.org. Look for the "New to BVSD?" tab. By hovering over this tab, you'll have many options made available which provide a wealth of information about all enrollment topics.

You must reside in the attendance area of the school you wish to enroll your students.

LINK TO THE SCHOOL LOCATOR & BOUNDARY MAPS: http://bvsd.org/schoolfinder/Pages/default.aspx

LINK TO PROCESS AN ONLINE ENROLLMENT: http://bvsd.org/Enrollment/Pages/Enroll.aspx

Be prepared to upload a current proof of your residence, your student's birth certificate and immunization record. A valid proof of residency is a current utility bill in your name with a current date, mailing address and service address displayed. If you are providing a lease it must contain the following items:

1) Leasing company's name

2) Your name

3) Full physical address

4) Effective dates of the lease

5) Final signature page of lease where all agree to lease terms. This must have all signatures and the date.


1) You must notify the registrar and you will be assisted with completing a Notice of Withdrawal.

2) Your student needs to check out with their teachers, the library, the treasurer and lastly myself.

3) Once the check out process is complete, including payment of any fines or school fees a request to end your student's enrollment is sent to the District Enrollment Office for processing.


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