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Susie Bean

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Besides our big move, I'm rested and excited to return for my 11th year of teaching here at Fairview! I'm happy to again teach one of my favorite courses, Advanced 9th grade, and also get the opportunity to teach AP Language & Composition for the third time.

I'm proud of being a Fairview Knight and love living in the Fairview community. When I'm not at school, I try to take advantage of the nearby mountains, hiking and biking with my kids Zach (3rd grade) and Molly (1st grade) and my husband Ken, another FHS teacher.

This year will be an adjustment for all of us as we settle into our new space. I'm excited, but it's a busy, chaotic change, and I hope we can all be patient as we settle into our new routines.

Thanks again for the visit, and feel free to contact me with any further questions. I'm looking forward to a challenging and exciting year with you!


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