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Susan Eide-Stensrud Social Studies Department

[email protected]

(720) 561-3160

Room 642

  • 01PIB World Geography - 627
  • 02PIB/AP US History - 627
  • 03Office Hours - Room 642
  • 04PIB World Geography - 661
  • 05PIB/AP US History - 661
  • 06PIB World Geography - 661
  • 07Office Hours - Room 642
  • 08Plan

Supplies for this semester 1) Spiral Notebook 2) 3 Ring Binder or Folder with Pockets for handouts 3) Pens 4) Markers/Crayons or Colored Pencils 5) Tissues please as well

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! This is my eighth year teaching at Fairview, and my twentieth year teaching overall.

I love teaching. I strive to make my classroom a challenging, exciting and fun place to be everyday; I believe that fun and high expectations are not mutually exclusive,

When I'm not teaching and coaching tennis at Fairview, I like to spend time playing tennis, softball, hiking, reading and spending time with my boys.