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Tammy Hearty Science Department

[email protected]

(720) 561-3126

Rooms 420 & 429

  • 01Biology (room 420)
  • 02Biology (room 420)
  • 03Planning (office 429)
  • 04Planning (429)
  • 05Lunch/planning (429)
  • 06Biology (420)
  • 07Anatomy (420)
  • 08Anatomy (420)

Hi! You can find all our class information, schedules, and assignments on the Google Classroom sites linked here. Please email me any concerns, questions, ideas, or musings: [email protected]

"Without language there is no science. To be practicing scientists and derive new knowledge, we need language – reading, writing, talking, listening, enacting, and visualizing. Writing is one way to communicate understanding of our learning while allowing us to be creative in our delivery and provide insight and possible solutions to problems." WWF site