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Tim Gesell Business & Computer Science Department

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(720) 561-3333


  • 01Planning
  • 02Planning
  • 03Computer Science (225)
  • 04Computer Science (225)
  • 05Planning
  • 06Computer Science (225)
  • 07Computer Science (225)
  • 08Computer Science (225)


I am thrilled to be a part of the Fairview family! This school year (2018-2019) will be my 18th year teaching Computer Science and Math, and my fourth at Fairview.

I was also a software engineer for 4+ years. I LOVED it - but teaching is what I am passionate about.

I teach 3 levels of Computer Science here at Fairview:

  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • IB-SL / AP-A Computer Science
  • IB-HL Computer Science

Stop by and see me. I'd love to chat!