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AP Language and Composition is a course intended to help juniors and seniors learn how to read more carefully and write more convincingly. We will be studying different forms of rhetoric and working on writing argumentative and persuasive essays. (continued)


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Unit 4: Witch Hunts, Real and Metaphorical — 51.5 KB Icon description

This is our focus for January through the beginning of February. What is a witch hunt? Which ones are real, and which ones are metaphorical. We will be reading The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller, based on the Salem Witch Trials but written by Miller during the McCarthy term when he was trying to accuse people in government and in the arts of being Communists by forcing the confessions of their friends and colleagues.

Argument, Politics, Education, Schemes and Tropes — 24.3 KB Icon description

In this segment of the course, we will be writing Argument essays based on articles and op-eds focused on Politics, Education, and we will learn how to identify rhetorical schemes and tropes in the pieces we read.

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Upcoming Assignments

P of D: Process Analysis and Cause/Effect paper Icon description ‐ Due Today
Prepare for Timed Writing Icon description ‐ Due Tomorrow
Timed Writing on "The Crucible" Icon description ‐ Due Monday
Read BTWAM pp. 14-30 ‐ Due Jan 30
Read pp. 39-64 ‐ Due Jan 31
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Events of the Week

  • No School, Martin Luther King Day!
  • Assignment - Paragraphs 1 and 2 due: Definition and Compare/Contrast
  • Pof D: Process Analysis and Cause/Effect
  • Peer Edit Cause/Effect paper
  • Collateral Readings
  • Assignment - P of D: Process Analysis and Cause/Effect paper
  • Socratic Seminar over Core and Collateral REadings, plus the framing argument
  • Assignment - Prepare for Timed Writing
  • Handouts: Witch hunts and How to Write a TW
  • Prep for Timed Writing on Monday
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