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Welcome to Tracy Brennan's IB LA 12 class page!

Welcome! (continued)


  • January 28, 2015 Poem Count for IB Orals!

    I"ve had several people ask me which poems got chosen most often in the six days of IB Oral Exams, so here is the official count:

    The Walk - 6 Adam's Song - 5 Volcano-5 Sea Grapes -5 A Far Cry From Africa-5 Love After Love-4 A City's Death by Fire-4 New World-4 The Fortunate Traveller-2 Two Poems on the Passing of an Empire-3 Verandah-3 Elegy-3 Easter-2 Midsummer 52 -2 Midsummer-2 The Glory Trumpeter-2

    Thanks to all of you who worked so hard on your preparation and practice... (continued)

  • October 25, 2012 David Tennent speaking on Hamlet

    Sarah Bragg sent me a great set of four Youtube videos that are a documentary about how difficult it is to play Hamlet. He visits the Globe Theatre, plays clips from different versions of Hamlet, and goes into the history of the play as well. Very interesting, and worth a watch!


    and also you can watch the David Tennent version of Hamlet on You tube:

Upcoming Assignments

  • Due Tomorrow Work on journals
  • Due Tomorrow Practice Group enactment,
  • Due Monday Practice Group enactment,
  • Due Tuesday Present enactments
  • Due Mar 10 Socratic Seminar RAGAD and and WFG

Events of the Week

MON 23
  • Watch "Waiting for Godot"
WED 25
  • Begin Group enactment of two scenes
  • Assignment - Final Draft WLP and reflection due
FRI 27
  • Assignment - Work on journals
  • Assignment - Practice Group enactment,