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Welcome to Tracy Brennan's IB LA 12 class page!

Welcome! (continued)


  • November 30, 2016 November 30, 2016 Semester Exam

    The final exam for this semester will consist of two parts. First, we will take a multiple choice test on 50 lit terms on the list we have been studying. Second, we will be conducting another oral exam with a partner, but this time you will do a 10 minute commentary on a poem of Walcott, then a 10 minute discussion with your partner on either Hamlet or Heart of Darkness. I will be giving you the poem you will be annotating and outlining, and I will also give each of you a question on either Hamlet... (continued)

  • August 21, 2016 August 21, 2016 Timeline

    Please create your timeline in your journal on the first 2-4 pages. Just draw a central line, and after creating a list of all the significant events that have happened in your life so far, then place them as dots above the timeline if they are positive, and below the timeline is they are negative, and then you can join the dots going from birth to present. You can place the very positive ones the highest on the page, and the most negative ones the lowest on the page. There is no requirement as to... (continued)

  • October 25, 2012 October 25, 2012 David Tennent speaking on Hamlet

    A previous student, Sarah Bragg, sent me a great set of four Youtube documentaries about how difficult it is to play Hamlet. David Tennent (Dr Who) visits the Globe Theatre, plays clips from different versions of Hamlet, and goes into the history of the play as well. Very interesting, and worth a watch!


    and also you can watch the David Tennent version of Hamlet on You tube:

Upcoming Assignments

  • Due Tomorrow Practice Literary Terms
  • Due Tuesday Practice Literary Terms
  • Due Block Day Practice Oral Exam
  • Due Block Day Bring clean Walcott poem for practice
  • Due Friday Practice Oral Exam

Events of the Week

  • Assignment - Practice Literary Terms
  • 1 - Blue, Shannon, Stone: The Fist and The Walk
  • 1 - Harrison, Michelle, Collin
  • 2 - Sam, Ben, Sierra
  • 2 - Ben, Nicki, Will S.
  • Assignment - Practice Literary Terms
  • 1 - Punya, Selena, Saher, Jot, Devin: Midsummer, A Far Cry From Africa, Upstate, Elegy
  • 2 - Ashley, Molly, Ellie, Andrea
  • 2 - Thomas and Ryan
  • Assignment - Practice Oral Exam
  • 1 - Nathan, Bryce, Peter: A City's Death by Fire, Easter
  • 1 - KT, Justin, Kate: Volcano, Winding UP
  • 2 - Jake, Cayman, Kiran
  • 2 - Grog and Julian
  • Assignment - Bring clean Walcott poem for practice
  • Assignment - Practice Literary Terms
  • Assignment - Practice Oral Exam
  • Assignment - Bring clean Walcott poem for practice