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A Man for All Seasons — 2 items
Beginning Exercises — 8 items
College Essay Advice — 7 items
Derek Walcott — 25 items
Drama — 18 items
Graphic Novel — 2 items
Hamlet — 15 items
Heart of Darkness — 7 items
Nonfiction Essays — 12 items
Oral Exam Information — 2 items
RAGAD - Stoppard — 8 items
TIBE - Oscar Wilde — 4 items
Waiting for Godot — 7 items
Boxing the Black Dog — 1.25 MB Icon description

Article on Robin Williams' suicide from Time magazine

Literary and Rhetorical Terms for IB — 526 KB Icon description

This is the most current list of all the literary and rhetorical terms that IB students should know before they graduate from high school.

Notes on William Butler Yeats — 3.55 KB Icon description

Notes on the PowerPoint overviewing the life of the poet W.B. Yeats. (Transcribed by Carson Kahn, who takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the content contained herein.)

Proust Questionnaire — 87.2 KB Icon description

Please fill out this questionnaire as found on Google form: http://goo.gl/hRnPSf . You may use one to two words or one to two sentences maximum in your answers. Less is more!

Letter of Recommendation by Kurt Luchs in the New Yorker — 210 KB Icon description

A funny letter of recommendation which appeared in the New Yorker, a letter you would not want a teacher or boss to write about you!

Sincerity, Fact Best in Writing College Application Essays — 20.3 KB Icon description

A very helpful article written by John Dolan in the Denver Post. He was previously the vice chancellor for enrollment at the University of Denver, so he is speaking from the point of view of an admissions officer at a competitive college.

College Essay in The New Yorker — 52 KB Icon description

A fun essay showing how NOT to write a college essay from the New Yorker magazine!

The _______ That Changed My Life by Glenn Altschuler — 19.3 KB Icon description

Read this beautiful essay about college essays and choose 3 sentences or passages that seem helpful to you!

College essay in Literary Cavalcade — 15.2 KB Icon description

Another humorous college essay!

Volcano — 78.4 KB
Elegy — 78.4 KB
Codicil — 69.5 KB
Notes on the Sonnet — 3.46 KB Icon description

A review of the details of the Shakespearean and Patrarchan sonnets. (Transcribed by Carson Kahn, who takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the content contained herein.)

Derek Walcott Notes (Text Version) — 3.41 KB Icon description

The PowerPoint is also included on this site (here), but these notes comprise the text-only notes version of the presentation. Transcribed and uploaded by Carson Kahn on 12/05/11, who takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the content contained herein.

Drama Terms.pdf — 1.97 MB
HOD Artistic Expression — 53.8 KB Icon description

● HOD Artistic Expressions ● ● The artistic expression should be centered on a quote, theme, or motif in Heart of Darkness, and should be your expression of understanding of the central ideas in the novel through your favorite mode of art. You could use music, visual art, sculpture, dance, film, theater, poetry, or any other mode of expression you choose. The work will be assessed on the effort you put in and the clarity of the message your work shows. 50 points major!

Heart of Darkness presentation assignment — 46.7 KB Icon description

These are the requirements for the Heart of Darkness oral presentation that you are presenting with your group.

Five Steps of Analysis — 31 KB Icon description

These are the five steps of analysis you can use to prepare your group oral presentation on Heart of Darkness.

Setting and Culture — 13.5 KB Icon description

Notes on things to look for having to do with setting and culture in non-fiction essays

Orwell - Shooting an Elephant — 23.1 KB Icon description

Orwell's essay about his time working in Burma.

Orwell - Politics and the English Language — 33.2 KB Icon description

An essay by Orwell on the power of language in swaying peoples' opinions

Colonialism and Existentialism — 14.7 KB Icon description

Notes on the terms colonialism and existentialism

Naipaul Biographical Information — 36.6 KB Icon description

Background of V. S. Naipaul

Naipaul - Don't Give Up the Day Job article — 23.5 KB Icon description

Article with pros and cons of Naipaul's writing

Naipaul Group Work — 15.4 KB Icon description

Directions for the group work we will be doing in class to prepare for the 10 minute presentations to the class. You will be given feedback on Knowledge, Interpretation, Presentation, and Use of Language.

RAGAD Existentialism and Theatre of the Absurd — 73.6 KB Icon description

A presentation on some of the existential ideas and questions contained in Stoppard's play

Questions on "From Beckett to Stoppard" — 13.3 KB Icon description

Read the article and answer these questions to turn in on Monday.

Professor Belinda Jack on WFG Icon description

This is a longer lecture by a British professor at Gresham College speaking about the meaning behind the play Waiting for Godot.

Philosophical Description of WFG Icon description

A young British actor describes the ideas of Absurdism in Camus' "The Myth of Sisyphus" and Beckett's "Waiting for Godot"

Beckett - WFG Journal Questions — 55.9 KB Icon description

A long set of analytical questions about WFG

Hamlet — 9 items


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