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College Essay Advice

College essay in Literary Cavalcade — 15.2 KB Icon description

Another humorous college essay!

College Essay in The New Yorker — 52 KB Icon description

A fun essay showing how NOT to write a college essay from the New Yorker magazine!

Letter of Recommendation by Kurt Luchs in the New Yorker — 210 KB Icon description

A funny letter of recommendation which appeared in the New Yorker, a letter you would not want a teacher or boss to write about you!

Sincerity, Fact Best in Writing College Application Essays — 20.3 KB Icon description

A very helpful article written by John Dolan in the Denver Post. He was previously the vice chancellor for enrollment at the University of Denver, so he is speaking from the point of view of an admissions officer at a competitive college.

The _______ That Changed My Life by Glenn Altschuler — 19.3 KB Icon description

Read this beautiful essay about college essays and choose 3 sentences or passages that seem helpful to you!


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