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The Fairview High School Visual Arts Curriculum provides the foundation for quality, standards-based visual arts instruction for students. At this level, students have the opportunity to discover or develop a unique talent that could lead to a career in a creative industry.

Resources: Inspiration Pin Board Follow us here for art project inspiration


Rebecca Feeney Photography, Digital Art & Design

Michael Jaramillo IB Art, Photography, Drawing & Painting

Sarah Halstead Ceramics & Sculpture, Drawing & Painting & Photography

In this new economy, creativity is one of the few things that cannot be outsourced. America invests greatly in the arts making it an ideal career choice for the future. The creative economy generates 50% of the income in our society. Many creative occupations are expected to grow 30 – 45% over the next 10 years. Don’t get left behind, enroll in a visual art class!

The visual arts involve students intellectually, personally, physically, and emotionally. When students are engaged and involved in the educational process they learn! Art allows students to express their unique visions of the world, enabling students to deal with divergent outcomes and opportunities to reflect upon the differences among people.

In this department, we value students who are already creative as well as those who are uncertain of their ability to communicate with their artistic side. As instructors we teach how to compose, so the freedom to express ideas becomes a concrete reality for each individual.


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