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Ward Robertson Language Arts Department

[email protected]

(720) 561-3380

Room 845

  • 0111th American Literature
  • 0211th American Literature
  • 03Advanced Placement Literature and Composition
  • 04Plan/Lunch
  • 05Advanced Placement Literature and Composition
  • 0611th American Literature
  • 07Plan
  • 08Advanced Placement Literature and Composition

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I have been married for 23 years and have a lovely daughter who is a twenty-two year-old recent graduate of University of Colorado-Boulder. My hobbies are reading, creative writing (especially poetry), swimming, yoga, camping, watching sports (especially college basketball and NFL games), fantasy football, and spending time with my family. I earned my college degrees at the University of Washington (BA) and Eastern Washington University (MFA). This is my eightth year teaching at Fairview, but I've been a high school teacher for 21 years across Washington, Minnesota, and Colorado. I have achieved many successes as an educator, and I'm committed to using all of the knowledge and skills I've gathered to create a rewarding learning experience for each and every one of my students!