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Wendy Blakemore World Languages Department

Wendy Blakemore

[email protected]

(720) 561-3115

Room 656

  • 01Spanish 1 Rm. 631
  • 02Spanish 3PIB Rm. 631
  • 03Freshman Seminar Rm. 703
  • 04Spanish 1 Rm. 631
  • 05Spanish 3PIB Rm. 631
  • 06Office Hours Rm. 656
  • 07Spanish 3PIB Rm. 631
  • 08Planning Period Rm. 656

My students call me Micaela.

I graduated from Stanford University in Spanish and Italian.

I am Mom to two Fairview graduates: Katy 2000 and Patrick 2003.

I taught at Summit Middle School for 12 years and now at Fairview for 6 years.

I love all sports and outdoor activities.

I love to volunteer, especially for Make-A-Wish.

I have a secret life in the circus (Cirque de Soleil for the aged and creaky). You can youtube it. ;-)